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WEIHUA TEXTILE Galaxy International Trade Suzhou Co Ltd is founded in 2002 which is a factory based fabric company Our Factory have all kinds of woven machines Single jet Double jet Flat and Faucet machines As a 20 years company we have rich experience in serving our clients and provide all kinds of fabric to meet clients needs We mainly focus on woven fabrics in leisure Jacket Coat outdoor and functional area The main composition of our product is polyester Nylon Spandex and Cotton Due to the factory and our international trade team we have strong R D experience from development to spinning weaving pretreatment dying finishing and coating lanination Our mission and Value Be honestly to our...

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Outdoor Fabric

Jacket Fabric

Recycled Fabric

Functional Fabric

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Memory FabricNylon TaffteaJacket FabricCotton FabricUniform FabricSpandex FabricOutdoor FabricStretch FabricRecycled FabricWeight of 64GSMPolyester Pongee40D Nylon FabricTwill Peach Skin2/2 Twill FabricSatin Peach SkinSemi Dull FabricDTY Nylon FabricMilk Slik FabricHalf Dull FabricDTY Nylon Taffeta320D Nylon Taslan40D Nylon TaffetaWall Shape Fabric30D Pongee FabricPeach Skin FabricHalf Dull TaffetaBlack Yarn Fabric210T Nylon Fabric230T Nylon TaslanNylon Fabric 380T20D Nylon Taffeta400T Nylon Taffeta320T Nylon Taffeta350T Nylon Taffeta380T Pongee Fabric430T Nylon TaffetaHigh Weight Fabric360T Pongee Fabric50D Stretch Fabric40D Spandex Fabric210T Nylon Textile144F Pongee FabricPolyester Taffteta75D Stretch Fabric150D Memory Fabric420T Nylon Taffeta420T Pongee FabricPeach Skin Textile380T Light Taffeta70D Elastic Fabric360T Nylon Taffeta300D Oxford Fabric260T Nylon TaffetaSatin Weave Fabric144 Fiament Pongee210T Lining FabricDobby Nylon Fabric210T Nylon TaffetaWoven Nylon Fabric210T Ripstop FabricWeft Spandex FabricWeft Stretch Fabric0.2Cm Nylon TaffetaPlain Memory FabricTwill Nylon TaffetaDown Garment FabricRecycled Reach SkinNylon Lining FabricJacquard Dot Fabric2-Way Stretch Fabric4-Way Stretch Fabric300T Recycled Pongee4 Way Stretch FabricCrinkle Nylon Fabric380T Recycled Fabric2-Way Spandex FabricHigh Filament FabricNylon Taffeta FabricTwill Spandex Fabric300T Full Dull NylonNylon Spandex Fabric0.5cm Ripstop Fabric0.2cm Ripstop FabricPongee Lining FabricRipstop Textile NiceNylon Ripstop FabricPopular Fabric StyleCalvary Twill FabricLight Spandex FabricRipstop Nylon FabricDobby Jacquard FabricNon-peach Skin FabricRecycled Nylon Fabric150D Polyester Fabric300T Half Dull Fabric240T Polyester Pongee0.08cm Ripstop Fabric210T Polyester Pongee300T Polyester Pongee0.25cm Ripstop Pongee0.5cm Ripstop TaffetaJacquard Nylon FabricLight and Thin FabricThin and Light FabricRipstop Nylon Textile420T Polyester Pongee420T Polyester FabricNylon Taffeta Textile228T Polyester Taslon0.19cm Ripstop FabricClimbing Cloth FabricRipstop Nylon Taffeta230T Polyester Taffeta380T Polyester Taffeta300T Full Dull TaffetaPolyester Plain FabricRecycled Nylon TaffetaNylon Full Dull Fabric420T Polyester TaffetaTwo Way Stretch FabricRipstop Stretch FabricRecycled Oxford FabricNylon Polyester FabricCrinkle Taffeta FabricGatment Ripstop FabricRecycled Taslon FabricRecycled Nylon Textile360T Polyester Taffeta380T Waterproof FabricCircular Nylon TaffetaRecycled 4 Way StretchWeft Black Yarn FabricRecycle Fabric PopularSuede Fabricfor JacketTwill Polyester FabricThick Polyester Fabric300T Polyester TaffetaRipstop Spandex FabricJacquard Pongee Fabric400T Polyester TaffetaRecycled Lining FabricRipstop Outdoor FabricCalvary Stretch FabricOxford Fabric for BagsRceycle Outdoor Fabric210T Polyester TaffetaLight and Thin TextileRecycled Memory FabricBifilar Ripstop TaffetaPolyester Lining FabricJacquard Ripstop FabricFabric Weight of 123GSMPolyester Pongee Fabric300T 144F Pongee Fabric2/2 Twill Stetch FabricPvc Mesh Outdoor FabricRceycled Outdoor FabricPolyester Strech FabricImitation Memory FabricRecycled Elastic FabricTwill Peach Skin FabricRecycled Stretch Fabric2/2 Twill Memory FabricFull Dull Nylon Taffeta2/1 Twill Nylon TaffetaRecycled Taffeta FabricGarment Man Made FabricSatin Peach Skin FabricPeached Recycled FabricRipstop Polyester FabricPolyester Taffeta FabricPolyester Non-peach SkinHalf Dull Taffeta FabricRipstop Down Coat Fabric40D Nylon Elastic Fabric50D 4 Way Stretch FabricPolyester Spandex FabricMemory Fabric For Jacket30D Nylon Spandex Fabric40D Crinkle Nylon FabricPloyester Spandex FabricBilayer Structure Fabric2/1 Twill Spandex FabricOutdoor Polyester FabricPolyester Stretch FabricTaslon Fabric For JacketPolyamide Taffeta FabricRecycled Polyester TaslonPolyester Fabirc Good UseRipstop Fabric with 0.3cm160D Nylon Spandex FabricCoating Lamination FabricWaterproof Stretch FabricRecycled Polyester Fabric400T Nylon Taffeta Fabric144Filament Pongee FabricJacquard Polyester FabricRecycled Satin Peach SkinNylon Weft Spandex FabricRecycled Polyamide Fabric380T Nylon Taffeta Fabric350T Nylon Taffeta Fabric75D 150D Satin Peach Skin380T Nylon Spandex FabricPolyester Taffeta Textile100D 4 Way Stretch FabricRipstop Polyester TaffetaNylon Fabric with SpandexOutdoor Functional FabricRecycled Polyester PongeeSemi Dull Recycled Fabric210T Nylon Taffeta TextileRecycled Fabric For ClothsSemi Dull Polyester Pongee320D Recylced Nylon Taslan75D 300D Peach Skin Fabric0.3cm Nylon Taffeta FabricNylon 2-way Stretch FabricHalf Dull Polyester Fabric240T Ripstop Pongee FabricOutdoor Fabric For GarmentRipstop Down Jacket Fabric0.2cm Ripstop Nylon TaffetaFull Dull Polyester Taffeta0.5cm Ripstop Nylon Taffeta75D 150D Peach Skin TextileRipstop Weft Stretch FabricFull Dull Polyester Textile75D Recycled Elastic Fabric0.08cm Ripstop Nylon Fabric75D Recycled Stretch FabricRecycle Fabric with Ripstop30D Polyester Pongee FabricDot Four Way Stretch FabricRipstop Textile for GarmentRecycled Swim Shorts Fabric150D Tow Way Stretch Fabric350T Recycled Pongee FabricRecycled Satin Weave FabricMountainteering Suit Fabric320T Recycled Pongee Fabric50D Four Way Elastic FabricHigh Filament Pongee FabricMountainteering Cloth Fabric300T Polyester Pongee Fabric50D Polyester Spandex Fabric150D Four Way Spandex FabricWaterproof Fabric with 98GSMCrinkle Nylon Taffeta FabricTwill Two Way Stretch Fabric150D Four Way Elastic Fabric0.2cm Bifilar Ripstop FabricTaslon Fabric 100% PolyesterRipstop Nylon Spandex Fabric240T Polyester Pongee FabricBilayer Nylon Elastic FabricNylon Spandex Elastic Fabric300T Full Dull Nylon Taffeta75D Polyester Elastic FabricRecylced Nylon Taslan Fabric100D Recycled Stretch Fabric150D Four Way Stretch FabricRecycled Twill Memory FabricNylon Taffeta With 100% NylonRecycled Nylon Ripstop FabricWaterproof Fabric with 33 GSMRecycled 2 Way Stretch Fabric300T Ripstop Polyester FabricRecycled 4 Way Stretch FabricBifilar Ripstop Pongee Fabric300T Polyester Taffeta Fabric20Textile Raw Material Fabric3H4Textile Raw Material Fabric1Full Dull Nylon Taffeta FabricEnviromental Protection FabricH5Textile Raw Material Fabric1H5Textile Raw Material Fabric3PHTextile Raw Material Fabric1H1Textile Raw Material Fabric3H1Textile Raw Material Fabric1PHTextile Raw Material Fabric301Aextile Raw Material Fabric309Hextile Raw Material Fabric2H4Textile Raw Material Fabric2H15extile Raw Material Fabric3H15extile Raw Material Fabric140D Nylon 2-Way Stretch FabricH15extile Raw Material Fabric209Hextile Raw Material Fabric1High Filament Polyester Fabric09Hextile Raw Material Fabric3Twill Polyester Elastic Fabric20Textile Raw Material Fabric270D Nylon 2-Way Stretch Fabric20Textile Raw Material Fabric1H1Textile Raw Material Fabric2H4Textile Raw Material Fabric3H16extile Raw Material Fabric1PHTextile Raw Material Fabric2H17extile Raw Material Fabric1High Filament Polyester Pongee01Aextile Raw Material Fabric201Aextile Raw Material Fabric1H5Textile Raw Material Fabric2H16extile Raw Material Fabric2H16extile Raw Material Fabric3300T Recycled Polyester PongeeH17extile Raw Material Fabric3Twill Polyester Taffeta FabricH17extile Raw Material Fabric229Textile Raw Material Fabric 2600Textile Raw Material Fabric2Light Nylon Weft Spandex Fabric150Textile Raw Material Fabric129Textile Raw Material Fabric 3Fabric Waterproof Finishing Use29Textile Raw Material Fabric 1300T Full Dull Polyester Pongee420Textile Raw Material Fabric3420Textile Raw Material Fabric1150Textile Raw Material Fabric3420Textile Raw Material Fabric2150Textile Raw Material Fabric2600Textile Raw Material Fabric3Recycled Fabric with 100% Nylon600Textile Raw Material Fabric1Environmental Protection FabricJacquard Polyester Pongee Fabric150Textile Raw Material Fabric33200Textile Raw Material Fabric 2200Textile Raw Material Fabric 1200Textile Raw Material Fabric 3Specification of 75D 160D FabricRecycled Imitation Memory Fabric400T Half Dull Polyester 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Two Way Stretch FabricRecycled Polyester Calvary Twill Stretch Fabric




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